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Image for Sounds In The Grounds – The Manning Bar 18th October 2008

Sounds In The Grounds – The Manning Bar 18th October 2008

Written by Georgia on October 30, 2008

University is a place for tertiary academia, scholarly writings and, of course, partying hard to the live sound track of some of Australia’s greatest and most popular bands and musical acts. This was especially the case on Saturday, 18th October.

Nestled in the heart of Sydney University is Manning Bar, the host venue for the Sounds in the Grounds festival 2008. Just like a house party, this festival included lots of drinking, energy filled dancing, free pizza and loud music; except at this party the music was live and without neighbors to worry about, it was pumped up to the max. With the likes of Midnight Juggernauts, British India, Van She, Bluejuice, The Lost Valentinos, Children Collide and Numbers Radio gracing stages over the two levels of Manning Bar, musical hysteria cast its shadow over its music craving audience. The vibe for the night was one of love, friendship, support for Australian bands and a love for partying, which made the night enjoyable for all those who attended.

Eccentric, electro hip hoppers, Bluejuice, entertained their audience both musically and visually as they rhymed, rapped and danced around the stage like true rock stars. Their hit track ‘Vitriol’ got their audience into a dancing and singing frenzy. Ensuring that there was never a dull moment for their set, the Bluejuice boys jumped on their speakers, were almost pulled into the audience and got slightly nude (upper body nude that is). Everything Bluejuice served up, the audience indulged in with sheer pleasure.
The audience was transported into the realm of the intergalactic as they witnessed the Midnight Juggernauts play their first gig in Australia since March. The audience packed themselves in like sardines to see the band leaving little room to dance along to their dance worthy songs. Playing all their techno-meets-disco hits, there was not a single still body or mouth in site. On stage the band were in a musical trance, a trance they put their audience under as they played their set. This performance proved to any sceptics why the Midnight Juggernauts are so well renowned.

Van She was yet another band who got the party started, setting the night on fire with their futuristic vintage sounds. They were loud, they were proud, and they played a rocking set, which rang through the courtyard and stairwells of Manning bar. Playing a set of songs familiar to all, the crowd threw their peace signs in the air as a salute to these Aussie psychedelic rockers. Electrifying energy bounded between the audience and the band, leading to a highly climatic finale.

With Dj’s including Kato and Purple Sneakers dj’s, Manning bar was never quiet. Spinning indie and electronic hits all night, the place was rocking even between the bands’ sets.

The end of the sets at Manning Bar did not see the end of partying for its musicians and guests. Free buses heading to the after party at Q Bar where a number of the acts were playing dj sets, meant that the party kicked on all night long.

Photos By Margaret Burns & Cara Stricker,

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