The Music – The Metro Theatre 31st July 2008

I come out of this gig and I decide that it is imperative we change the name of the paper to The Music Feeds – that is how much I heart this show.

Every conversation I eaves drop on you can hear people boasting about how many times they have seen the band before – and in four (yes count them, four) conversations I wind up in, we end up gushing over the milestone of getting ex-spear-ienced with Michael Franti.

Seeing The Music live is an event you will tell your grand children about when your old an incapacitated and you have no idea where you left your marbles. They play EVERYTHING. No stone goes unturned from their back catalogue and we don’t stop dancing like Michael J Fox on crack for the duration of the 2-hour journey. The highlight for me was Bleed From Within from Welcome to the North – a video clip, of which I hope to be able to show you soon.

Encores always frustrate me, I did not fathom that they could have possibly have anything else to play after there mammoth performance. Wet I grabbed my bag from the cloak room – about to make my way for a post coital fag and I hear them start up again, I re-enter, stage left and gain a new view – the type where you can see (on tip toes) and I can see the stage and watch the crowd and fall in love with the music all over again.

Photo By Simon Bennet

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