The Polyphonic Spree – The Metro Theatre 29th July 2008

Having seen The Polyphonic Spree when they last toured in 2005, I was unsure about whether I should go. Deciding to go was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year, along with electing to have my left testicle removed and choosing a fixed rate mortgage.

The show started with a red piece of fabric stretched across the front of the stage, accompanied by a furious harp solo. Band leader Tim Delaughter then cut a heart out of the screen, revealing the band as the band launched into an unfamiliar song. There was a lot of new material I didn’t recognise, but it was still good, as each individual member of the band delivered a stunning performance.

The Spree treated the audience to a surprise, balls to the walls cover of Live & Let Die, as Tim made frequent excursions into the crowd throughout the set. But that wasn’t all though, as he virtually slammed my cock in the door when they launched into Lithium.

They left the stage only to re-appear in their traditional white robes. They closed with an epic version of When A Fool Becomes A King, returning for one final encore, a soul soaring Soldier Girl.

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