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The Presets – The Tivoli, Brisbane – 28/11/2012

There has been somewhat of a void in the Australian music dance scene over the last four years. But now The Presets’ third studio album Pacifica has arrived, and with it a brand-new stage show from our two favourite Sydneysiders, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. Wednesday night’s exclusive party, put together by Channel V partnering up with Pepsi, aimed to give fans a sneak peek at the duo’s new stage performance. The soundcheck had already been done – it was all ready to go. A few hundred invited guests and lucky contest winners assembled patiently, but only half filled the Tivoli floor of what would normally be a sell-out show!

The introduction was easy for Channel V presenters Danny and Carissa, as the men of the hour don’t need much of an introduction. A banging new song Push was their opening track. The classic combo of Kim on drums and Julian on synth and vocals almost looked nervous. The boys were eager to belt out a few of their new tunes and it was obvious that they were analysing the crowd’s reaction. It was a little slow to begin with, perhaps some songs were a little too fresh? Or maybe they hadn’t bought the whole album… yet.

Their brand new single Promises was the key to getting the crowd’s blood pumping. But it was the song Ghosts that took the room by storm. Julian fed off the crowd’s energy as he galloped back and forth across the stage like a wild stallion. The lights dimmed as they rocked their way into the second half of the set. Now it was getting serious. Scattered on stage was a plethora of eight big screens, full of epic electronica effects. I couldn’t help but wonder if Thom Yorke had any influence after Kim DJed alongside the Radiohead frontman in Sydney earlier this month.

It wasn’t all about Pacifica, there was a steady mix of old and new, and with a growing repetoire of albums, there are many to choose from. This Boy’s in Love burst out of the speakers to sheer delight. It was clear at this point that some people were, properly ‘losing their shit’. Their old songs took on board a new sound, a kind of deep dub remix. The Presets took control and completely mashed up Beam’s favourite I Go Hard I go Home into a well-crafted segway for Youth in Trouble.

The audience was teleported back in time to 2006 with the song that broke The Presets cherry for many people – My People. The crowds ecstatic response demanded smiles on stage as the dance floor two-stepped and bounced their way though The Presets’ hard electronic dance beats. The end of the show loomed as Fast Seconds took a hold of all parties involved, in just the finale you would expect!

On Wednesday night The Presets laid to rest any reservations on whether or not they’ve still ‘got it’ after mixed reviews of their 2012 album Pacifica. Their stage show still rocks harder than your grandmother’s rocking chair. Welcome back Presets – Bravo.

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