Issue #13

In This Issue: TV on the Radio, Days Like This!, Day of the Meerkat, Eagles of Death Metal, Seekae, Killed Two Birds

Hello and welcome once again all you Music Feeders to our first issue of 2009, oh how I’ve missed you all, the talks, the walks, the booze filled nights and hazy mornings.

But we’re back, and do we have a treat for you, TV On The Radio, in case you didn’t notice. We love these guys so much, we even got Benjamin Johnson, who did our cover for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, to do another artwork for us, and come on, you’re a little aroused aren’t you.

If not, then Eagles Of Death Metal rock n roller Jesse ‘Electric Boots’ Hughes is sure to get you a little hot under the collar, while those sensual ‘fuck-a-billy’ boys from Day Of The Meerkat give you a foot massage.

Our Art Director and resident design wanker Pep Sayabath brings you an extensive photo essay on Days Like This, detailing the days radness, awesomeness and general radawesomeness. AWESOME!

We also caught up with perennial troublemakers and tambourine shakers Killed 2 Birds on the Music Feeds East Coast Bus Tour, getting the low down on their musical and fishing adventures.

Backwater blues bards Billygoat & The Mongrels also popped in for a chat, as did serial samplers Seekae and the kooky, spooky and altogether ooky Ghoul.

We have an artist profile on Ears, and interview with psychotic British hardcore group Rolo Tomasi and much much more, but I’m guessing most people stopped reading by now.

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