Our 10 Favourite Memories From The Heyday of Channel [V]

Today the news rang out around the Australian music world that Channel [V] would no longer exist as we know it.

Foxtel will merge the channel with the cable television provider’s other music channel [V] Hits, and will operate as a music video based channel with no “long form” content. Thanks Rupert Murdoch for once again riding roughshod over my childhood dreams.

Heartbroken as the entire team at Music Feeds HQ was today, we got reminiscing and thus have better put together a little retrospective piece on some of the most memorable moments from the heyday of Channel [V].


1. The Time Robbie Williams Pashed Yumi Stynes On Her First Day

This one had to be at the top of the list for no other reason than I fucking love Yumi Steynes, and this was the historic launch of her storied career. Also, Andrew G’s filth ponytail is also featured, which I wanted to make sure got some airtime. I mean just look at it, nothing sums up the freedom Channel [V] had in the early days than the fact broadcasters allowed that thing on the air.

2. Marilyn Manson Suggesting The Rain Might Be Fred Nile Ejaculating On Him

Speaking of the freedom of the early days, Marilyn Manson talking about being ejaculated on by Fred Nile, then accusing him of having a sexual thing for him ins’t the kind of stuff you usually see on TV these days. Manson doesn’t hold back in the interview either, calling Courtney Love Satan and telling us about his love of collecting prosthetic limbs from fans.

3. Darren Hayes Giving Relationship Advice to Teenage Girls

Hayes’ advice in this clip is rock solid, especially when responding to one fan’s story of unrequited love with the suggestion that ‘pornography is the answer’. The answer only gets better when you realise the show he is on is called Jabba’s Morning Glory.

4. The Band In A Bubble

The Band In A Bubble experiment was one of the most bold experiments in Australian television history, even at the expense of host Jabba’s psyche. And sure, it wasn’t the most interesting show to watch, but getting to slowly witness all the residents of the bubble losing their minds was certainly en eye opening experience.

5. That Time They Got Blink 182 To Judge Their Streaking Fans

Andrew G’s ratty pony gets a second showing here when paying homage to the band’s classic video for What’s My Age Again? . Channel [V] decided they’d be no better way to make Blink 182 feel at home than asking them to judge a streaking contest. I really don’t know what else to say about this other than to prepare yourself to witness some very pale pop punk fans in full flight.

6. Pretty Much Anytime Frenzal Rhomb Were On As Guests

There were enough clips of Frenzal acting like idiots on Channel [V] to do a whole article really so we’re just gonna leave our fave here. The Doctor’s face while miming to Hanson is certainly a highlight/

7. When They Supported Cutting Edge New Zealand Talent Like ‘Back Of The Y Masterpiece Television’

The southern hemisphere’s answer to Jackass, New Zealand lunatics took that show’s premise of mindless violence and swearing and turned it up to 11, kiwi style. throwing a bunch of drug references and toilet humour. From smoking cones on TV to the ridiculously fake stunts they would stage, low brow humour was never so bloody entertaining.

8. That Time They Built A Huge Tower For Steve Aoki To Stage Dive Off

Known for his wild antics on stage, including throwing cakes in people’s faces and stage diving, when Steve Aoki was announced as part of the Future Music Festival line-up, Channel [V] wasted no time in setting a up a full fledged tower for him to stage dive off. There was a large landing pad to break his fall this time rather than a loved up crowd of EDM fans however, but it still looks fun as hell.

9. The Time The Foo Fighters Played Live On Goat Island in Sydney Harbour

Once upon a time The Foo Fighters weren’t the biggest rock band in the world. In fact it took Dave Grohl and the boys about four albums to get out from under the shadow of Nirvana entirely. As far as their Australian ascendancy goes, the moment they really stepped into the limelight as the rock’n’roll royalty they are here today was this epic concert on the harbour at Goat Island.

10. And Finally That Time They Discovered Future Australian Of The Year and Current Creative Director of Music Feeds Mitch Feltscheer.

Some of you may not know this, but Music Feeds creative director Mitch Feltscheer got his start in the music industry after being named one of the finalists in Channel [V]’s 2012 presenter competition. We shit you not. Just watch the legend in these early attempts at presenter ship and tells us you don’t seem the glimmer of future stardom.


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