Keep Sydney Open Protest, February 2016 / Photo: Ashley Mar

12,000 Punters Serve Casino Mike With Petition To Ditch Sydney’s Lockout Laws

The NSW Government just got served.

Almost 12,000 people have signed a petition, calling to Keep Sydney Open in the face of liberal Premier Barry “Penfolds Grange” O’Farrell and his successor #CasinoMike’s catastrophic lockout laws policy.

And today, NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws and Newtown MP Jenny Leong has slapped them in the proverbial face with it.

“We know that it’s possible to keep Sydney’s streets safe without completely locking down our city,” she said, speaking cool logic in the face of hysterical nanny-statism.

“The almost 12,000 people who signed the petition are demanding smarter solutions. Alternative and integrated solutions can address alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour but allow Sydney to remain an internationally recognised, 24-hour city that encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and late-night culture.”

And then she drove the point further.

“Why should we stop shift workers from having a late night drink to wind down? Why can’t people dance all night to their favourite tunes? We shouldn’t be punishing every person in Sydney for the bad behaviour of an incredibly small minority,” she said.

“Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition for making sure that #CasinoMike and his government pay attention.”

mic drop

Tyson Koh from Keep Sydney Open added: “The Government is keen to put this issue to rest until the findings of the review are handed down in August, but now our MPs are forced to think about the damage that has been done to jobs, businesses, the live music scene, culture, civil freedoms and Sydney’s international reputation.”

“People who signed this petition know that a vibrant nightlife and safe streets are not mutually exclusive,” he added (in your FACE, fear-mongering mainstream media!) “It’s time that the pollies recognised that too and adopted smarter policies.”

“12,000+ signatures is huge and it proves just how dedicated and passionate Sydneysiders are about keeping our city open, while also addressing issues around anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related violence.”

The issue is due to be debated in the parliament tomorrow, Thursday 12th May at 4.30 PM.

Needless to say it’s bound to be an interesting showdown.

*Gets popcorn*

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