A Look Back, In Anger, At 13 Of The Best Gallagher-On-Gallagher Sledges

The Gallagher bros biff is BACK ON like donkey kong.

The ex-Oasis bandmates’ ongoing public domestic reignited today after Liam Gallagher saw fit to slag off his brother Noel in a Twitter blast, colourfully dubbing him a “potato” (strangely, not the only fruit-and-veg related insult that’s been slung around in the media today) before dashing fans’ hopes of a musical reunion by adding “FUCK OASIS”.

But it’s far from the first time that the music industry’s most loveable fraternal c-units have slung some very public shit at each other.

In fact, their top banter dating all the way back to the Oasis days was filled with expletive-laden slag pellets aimed squarely at each other’s faces.

And to celebrate the bros’ beef getting fired back up on the fookin’ barbie, we thought we’d look back in anger at some of their best Gallager-on-Gallagher sledges over the years.

Enjoy, m8s.

13 Of The Best Gallagher On Gallagher Sledges

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