15 Aussie Acts The AFL Should Have Booked For The Grand Final, But Didn’t

The AFL has copped it from pretty much all directions since unveiling its 2015 Grand Final lineup featuring X Factor Judge Chris Isaak, British electro-pop star Ellie Goulding and your mum’s teenage crush, Bryan Adams.

You’ll note there that not one single homegrown artist made the cut, even though we’re talking about the Australian – Football – League here. SMDH

We’re not the first to call on the AFL to make a change in the name of musical patriotism; a petition asking the AFL to use homegrown talent for its Grand Final entertainment has been around since April, and Aussie music fans have been calling out for some locals to clear our minds of that Meat Loaf disaster for years.

So to let the AFL know what it’s missing out on, Music Feeds has compiled a list of locals who really should be taking the stage at year’s season-ending match, and who by all rights should have made the cut over Mr Wicked Games – sorry mum.

That’s right, we’re serving up a sweet bowl of regretfast to the AFL so that the country can have a long hard think about what could have been.

So without further ado, here are 15 Aussie acts the AFL should have booked for the 2015 Grand Final, but for some reason didn’t.

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