17,000 Melburnians Are Planning To Stand On Their Porch And Scream This Friday

As Melbourne enters its second day of the strictest lockdown the country has seen thus far in the coronavirus pandemic, a bunch of them are looking to Jimmy Barnes to help them through.

Specifically, over 17,000 people have clicked attending to an event titled “Stand on your front porch and scream.”


In the event description, the host simply wrote: “Covid’s shit. Every1’s a bit sad. Just stand on ur porch and scream until u feel a bit better. Let’s all unite in our shared depression.”

This is a quintessential Australian take on other countries joining in unity to clap for health-workers or to sing from their balconies.

However, for Australia, it’s less ‘stand together in harmony and hope’ and more ‘unleash screams into the void because existing is exhausting.’

Frankly, you can’t blame them.

If you’re in Melbourne and want to know more about the event, click here.

In the meantime…

UPDATE 07/08/20: We Are Delighted To Inform You That Jimmy Barnes Is Joining The “Stand On Your Front Porch And Scream” Event Tonight

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