18 Awesome Things We Learnt From Corey Taylor’s Reddit AMA

Hi, you’ve reached the Corey hotline, $4.95 a minute.

He’s the champion gingernut who gets around in a stitched-up corpse mask when he’s not writing books, starting supergroups or insulting Kanye West: he’s Corey Taylor, and he’s just hit the Reddits.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman has officially gone one-on-one with the maggots via AMA, and we’ve poured over the hour-long sesh to bring you his top 18 most insightful answers.

So without further ado, here are some words that rhyme with Corey.

A new Stone Sour album and tour is in the works

Taylor reports that Stone Sour is “working on new material as we speak. And we can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to the next batch of covers!” In addition, the band will tour “after we write/record the next album- sometime late next year.”

Taylor also adds that the next Stone Sour album might include another spoken track, like Omega or The Frozen .

Listen: Stone Sour – The Frozen

He actually does push his fingers into his eyes…

“Every day – it’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache…”


Sorry about that guys.

He wants to work with Eminem, and a whole bunch of other rappers

After recently collaborating with Tech N9ne on the track Wither, Taylor reckons he’d be keen to team up with some more rappers. “Dre, Em, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Cube and Ice T come to mind!” he says.

“There are a lot of people I’d love to work with- Eminem included!” Interestingly, he did not mention Kanye West this time around.

He’d also “love to do a tune with Clutch. One of my favorite bands. And Rival Sons- love them!”

Listen: Tech N9ne – Wither (Feat Corey Taylor)

He’s seen that ‘Elders React To Slipknot’ Video

“It’s fucking hilarious,” he says.

Watch: Elders React To Slipknot

He believes your choice of laundry detergent determines how metal you are

“The fans DO deserve to know how I keep my dingy metal clothes so fluffy and aromatic,” he says. “Tide Pods are the most metal of all detergents.”


He hates the music industry

Taylor says if he could change one thing about the music industry, he would “give it a soul”.

bart simpsons soul

But if there’s one thing he hates more than the music industry, it’s censorship

“I cannot stand censorship. If you choose not to say certain things in certain ways, it’s your right but when someone ELSE decides to they are going to think FOR you- with no idea what the CONTEXT was- there is nothing worse. And it’s GETTING worse.”

Watch: The Count Censored

He has no immediate plans to release a solo album

“Solo-wise, not sure when I’ll do an album- I’m in 2 kickass bands so I’m content there. But maybe someday!”

His has a simple piece of advice for aspiring young bands…


live fail

He Knows You Like Him When He’s Angry

Despite seeming like a pretty chill guy in everyday life, Taylor says it’s easy to channel the rage needed to perform with Slipknot. “The intensity and anger is always there, so it’s really easy to tap into,” he says. “I’m like the Hulk in The Avengers: I’m ALWAYS Angry.”


These guys would be on his “Mount Rushmore” of heavy metal…

“Cliff Burton, Dio, Bonham and Randy Rhoads.”

randy rhodes

But he has plenty of non-musical idols as well…

“My non-musical influences are Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, Bruce Lee, Darth Vader and Snake Plissken. Bruce Campbell is pretty high up there too.”

bruce campbell3

He’s Content With Slipknot’s Lineup Changes

Taylor also cleared up some facts about the Joey Jordison split. When one fan questioned whether Jordison had left the band, or been fired, the frontman explained: “We never said Joey left- we said we parted ways with him. That being said, out of respect to Joey, all I can say is that Joey’s path was going in a different direction than ours. I wish him nothing but the best.”

While on the subject of current Slipknot guitarist Jim Root parting ways with Stone Sour, he said: “We felt it was the best decision for everyone and so far that has proven to be true. Everyone seems happy. With respect to Jim, I’ll leave it at that.”

Taylor also confirmed that he’s enjoying touring with new recruit Jay Weinberg on drums: “Jay is great- feels good to have him with the band and knowing him as long as I have, his excitement for the music is infectious!”

But when asked whether or not he’s made a final decision as to whether Jay and new bassist Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella would become a permanent part of the ‘Knot, he replied, “Not yet”.

Watch: Jay Weinberg Drum Solo

His has this advice on headbanging…

“Grow your hair longer and let it do the work for you”

headbanging gif

He believes staying sober is all about willpower

“Temptation can only get in if you let it. Once I decided I was going sober, that was it for me. Everything in my life is enough reinforcement to stay that way.”

He’s about to add another notch to his acting belt

“I’m in Clown’s movie Officer Downe!

Watch: Clown On Officer Downe

He totally pees in the shower

“EVERYBODY pees in the shower. Anyone who doesn’t is lying.”

taylor gif

He’s not fond of ducks

When asked the standard Reddit question of whether he’d prefer to fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck, Taylor replied: “I would fight all ducks, at all times.”

daffy duck meme

Gallery: Slipknot @ Soundwave Festival, Melbourne 21/02/15 / Photos By Brett Schewitz

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