2 Chainz Arrested At Airport After Drugs Found In Luggage

It’s starting to look as though maybe the buzzworthy rapper known as 2 Chainz should step back a little from his drug habit, and reassess how he consumes and transports his narcotics. Reports have come in that the 35-year-old was escorted off a plane at LAX after marijuana and promethazine were discovered in his checked-in luggage.

Chainz was so close to getting out of the city – which hasn’t been too friendly for him as he passed through – but he’s now going to be spending a lot more time there after security searched his bags and dragged him off the plane.

Cali is know for its liberal approach to cannabis but trafficking interstate is a serious no-no. Promethazine, for those who don’t know, is added to either soft drink or codeine to create that ‘sizzurp’ drink you hear rappers mention “that they be sippin’ on” or whatever.

Mr Chainz’ tough luck with drugs in California started not too long ago when he was shot at and mugged in outside of a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. He was also arrested for weed possession on his tour bus by cops in Maryland back in February, though he was later found to be not guilty. It’s starting to seem like this dude isn’t very good at being a stoner.

We imagine 2 Chainz will be on the next available flight back to his home city of Atlanta, though hopefully this time he leaves the weed and the sizzurp behind.

(Via LA Times)

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