Watch 2 Chainz Defeat Nancy Grace In A Debate About Marijuana Legalisation

US rapper and apparent pot expert Tauheed Epps, better known as 2 Chainz appeared on US cable television recently to debate US drug policy and the merits of legalising marijuana with screaming parody of a person Nancy Grace and the result is at once totally entertaining and utterly bizarre.

In a recent episode of Nancy Grace’s current affair series, which was promoted with the hashtag #Pot2Blame?, the Georgia-based rapper, soon to be in Australia for Future Music 2015, spoke calmly and rationally about pressing issues within the US criminal justice system, prison overcrowding and the waste of taxpayer dollars on ineffective marijuana possession enforcement, all whilst fielding nonsensical “arguments” from Grace about parents who give their kids pot.

“You say that there are reasonable people that can smoke pot, use pot and they won’t involve their children — nobody else is going to get hurt,” Grace said, before busting out videos of parents forcing their children to smoke weed. “But what about these people?”

“It’s the same thing we talked about earlier, darling,” Chainz replies calmly. “With the legalisation of alcohol, you will find some footage like this but everybody is not doing this. Some people actually love their child. Some people know that it’s obviously wrong. So, this is nothing to really argue about. These people are obviously imbeciles. You can’t use this case to define an entire community.”

Grace then counters that, for some reason, by quoting 2 Chainz’ Feds Watching lyrics, “smokin’ California weed with California hoes”, to which Chainz retorts with a “Truu!”. On that alone, many viewers on social media have declared 2 Chainz the winner in this battle of words.

Still, at least Grace got an answer to the ever-important question , “why the 2 chains?”. Watch the segment below.

Watch: Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz over Pot :Think of the Children

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