2 Chainz Robbery And Shooting Video Emerges: “I Had Bullet Fragments In My Hair”

It’s almost like something straight out of a video clip, and even the man in the centre of it all struggled to accept this wasn’t a ruse for some reality TV Show. However, 2 Chainz has explained that the two gunmen shooting at him out front of a medicinal marijuana depot in San Francisco were very real, as were their bullets.

Speaking to Georgia radio station Hot 107.9, the rapper recalls how surreal the moments leading up to the realisation that people were actually trying to kill him. “I saw the gun first,” he explains, “It was like a .357 (Magnum handgun). It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it. The gun was so big.” It was the sight of the massive cannon that saw the rapper “take off running”.

As it turns out, he wasn’t out of the woods just yet, “When I went into the street,” he continues, “there was another dude with a whole ‘nother gun.” It was now that 2 Chainz had a cold and sudden realisation: “It wasn’t like an episode of Punk’d…I was like, ‘This is real…'”

The would-be hitmen damn near came close to completing the job as well. 2 Chainz didn’t realise how close he came to getting plugged until he brushed his hair:

“I had bullet fragments in my hair… I think he thought he shot me.”

TMZ being TMZ, they’ve managed to get their hands on some CCTV from the street the moment it all went down. The footage is below and it’s hectic.

(Via Contact Music)

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