30 Seconds To Mars Cop Heat After Asking Fans To Get Tattoos For New Video

30 Seconds To Mars are known for having an intimidatingly large and devoted following, but it seems the latest interaction between the band and the fans may have pushed that relationship too far. Gearing up to begin production on a new video, the band has invited fans to get lyrics of the song tattooed on themselves in order to feature in the clip, a move that even the fans themselves have branded as “irresponsible”.

According to a post on the band’s website, in order to be eligible for the video, fans must submit footage of themselves quoting to camera “I am the Echelon” (the name given to the band’s group of fans), plus footage of their tattoo before, during and after, as well as a section on why they’re getting the piece.

The band, led by Jared Leto know full well how much influence they have over their fans, so encouraging kids to get tattoos just for the purpose of a few seconds of footage can be seen as reckless.

This isn’t the first time 30 Seconds To Mars have copped it for abusing the trust and adoration their followers. Enter Shikari main man and all-round moral compass Rou Reynolds slammed the band after discovering they’re charging fans more than $500 to meet them before and after performances on their upcoming US tour. Reynolds labelled the move “madness” and accused the band of “exploiting” the fans.

This is something Australian fans won’t have to worry about until at least next year as the band have bailed on their 2013 touring plans, moving the date to March 2014.

(Via NME)

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