360 Addresses Facebook Trolls

Rapper 360 has sent a message to all the trolls who have been attacking him on his official facebook page. 360 has amassed 200,000 facebook fans over the past 12 months and it seems with a big facebook page comes trolls. However 360 will not let it get to him, stating ” im on cloud 9 and will not be brought down =)”.

Read: 360’s Message To The Haters

i dont really get a chance to read the comments on my facebook posts lately.. but holy fuck i am one HATED mother fucker. let it be known, it does not affect me. i find it hilarious. but my god. jealousy is a fuckin bitch ay?? hahaha when i first started out, ppl trolling me used to really get to me.. so glad ive developed a thick skin now otherwise id be losing the plot – i feel for those who go out of their way to bring someone down. No one who is content and happy with their own life does shit like that, ever. to all those who really go out of their way to hate me, i wish u all the best in ur life cos obviously things mustn’t be right at the moment. im on cloud 9 and will not be brought down =)

360 is currently in the middle of a national tour and will be playing in Sydney at the Standard on February 24th.

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