360: Big Day Out “Still The Most Credible Festival In Australia”

Whether or not you like him, 360 is the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to bet against given his current run of success after success after success. The rapper has made no secret of his determination to get on the bill for Big Day Out, the final box he had to tick on a list of 5 goals, labelling the festival as the most credible in Australia.

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Aussie hip hop favourite explains just how much being added to the lineup means to him: “To me, it’s still the most credible festival in Australia; it’s been around for 21 years; it’s an iconic thing and especially for an artist like me to play the whole tour, it’s a really, really, really big deal,” he says.

Also on 60’s list of goals was for the album to debut in the top 5 (check). Number two was to go gold (Check); the third was to play Fall’s Festival on New Year’s Eve (check); the fourth was to make “a certain amount of money in a year” having recently been on the dole (check); and last but not least, play The Big Day Out. Ah screw it, we’ll check that one off too.

60 has also opened up about how the success has impacted his life, explaining that “I have become a bit of a role model, I don’t feel like one of the biggest-selling artists in the country or one of the biggest names and it doesn’t feel real to even say that sort of thing. I continue to be myself whatever happens. But these songs are almost like my children and the music I make has a positive spin. If I had children, I would be OK with them listening to them.”

Capping off the interview with a brief mention of his next goal…a Jetpack so he can fly off the stage after the set. Check out the full lineup for The Big Day Out 2013 right here. Tickets are going onsale TONIGHT guys, from 7pm sharp in each state.

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