360 Details “Massive Breakdown” & Worsening Depression In Emotional Facebook Posts

360 (real name Matt Colwell) has been having a tough run of it lately. But rather than bottling it up and saving it for a future track, the MC has taken to socials to talk it out, building on the healthy and important dialogue with his fans about mental health.

In his latest post, 360 details a “massive breakdown” he experienced recently. “I violently and uncontrollably cried for hours and couldn’t stop. I am broken,” Colwell says.

“I have reached a point where I am depressed and down in the dumps more than I am happy,” he adds, before explaining that in the past he’s operated on a ratio of “90% happy, 10% shitty”, but that’s changed.

Colwell says that his doctor has diagnosed him with unipolar disorder, a condition similar to bipolar but rather than manic swings, the sufferer experiences a stubborn resistance to mood changes and remains at one emotional ‘pole’.

Colwell says dark thoughts sometimes make their way into his head, and says, “Not that I would EVER act on this but I can’t help thinking if I’m feeling this shitty 90% of the time, Why would I go on? Why the fuck wouldn’t I reach for drugs that will finally bring me some form of happiness?!”

The Boys Like You hitmaker is adamant that he will weather this storm, adding that he’s “hellbent on getting through this at home using the gym to help but mainly to do what I do best and create art out of pain”.

After the post, Colwell took the time to read all of the comments, and responded to many of them. One fan questioned, “How could you… Successful, good looking, talented person be struggling?”

Colwell responded with a lengthy post (below), which includes the line, “It’s pathetic and i feel pathetic that this is an issue for me but to put it bluntly and simply, i can’t help it.”

Colwell is doing more than just talking the talk, too. Earlier in the year off the back of a similar post, he announced the formation of The 180 Movement, an initiate aimed at helping others with mental health issues.

We hope 360 keeps these posts up, and keeps the chatter happening about such things. Our society desperately needs it. Catch his latest Facebook posts, below.

Anyone requiring help or information on mental health can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

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