360 Doesn’t Care If You Download His New Album Illegally

360 has joined Adelaide rapper Allday in declaring his nonchalance towards fans downloading his latest album, Utopia, illegally. Yesterday, Allday took to Facebook to tell followers that “if [they] are broke” they have his permission to download his album Startup Cult, out Friday, 4th July, via torrent.

“As much as I’d love to get that Number 1 spot, it doesn’t really bother me. Tbh [I] don’t even care if u download the album illegally I just want people I hear how much better it is than my last album and how much I’ve grown. But if you are thinking of buying it at some stage feel free to do it now,” wrote Sixty, linking to an article about his race against Lana Del Rey to secure the ARIA’s #1 Album spot.

“I appreciate it either way!!” added Sixty. The Melbourne rapper expressed similar sentiments whilst speaking to Music Feeds after a performance for Music Feeds LIVE. Asked about his mission statement on Utopia, Sixty, real name Matt Colwell, said he wanted to show off his lyrical skill.

“On Falling & Flying I was still growing as an artist and one of the most common things I see people write, critics-wise, is that I’m a pop singer and I can’t rap,” he said. “And I don’t usually buy into the bullshit negative comments that people do, but that just drove me to rap my ass off on this album.”

Colwell also admitted that he has trouble listening to some his earlier material as his rapping style had not yet matured to its current level. “I was yelling then, I didn’t really understand rap as well [as I do now]. On Falling & Flying there’s songs that I can listen to but there’s songs I cringe at,” he said.

Meanwhile, Allday, who expressed some apprehension in his statement on Facebook, has received support from ONETWO label head Illy. The Aussie rapper wrote on Twitter, “[People] need to hear this by any means!” Those looking to purchase Allday’s album can pre-order it now via the rapper’s official website, while Utopia is available through iTunes or through the 360 official website now.

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