360 Speaks Out About Teenage Riot

Australian hip hop sensation 360 has spoken out about the near riot that occurred when his in-store signing at a local JB-HIFI was canned by police due to safety concerns. The incident, which occurred on the 9th February, saw masses of teenagers flock to try and meet the Australian artist. 360’s management spoke out about it on the day, stating that “Due to issues completely beyond 360’s control, this Saturday’s in-store signing at JB Hifi Bayside Frankston had been postponed. It will soon be rescheduled to another location as close to Frankston as possible.”

However, in an article published in the Sydney Herald, Sixty has spoken out about it for the first time. “It was surreal, I don’t think anyone expected that many kids to come or the riot police, it was out of control”. Sixty continued “As we were driving away, about 200 kids started chasing the car and banging on the windows. One girl just kept yelling that she had the same last name as me. It was weird”.

This type of behavior has not been seen since the Justin Bieber incident in 2010. This just adds to the roller-coaster year that the man has had, thanking his fans on his Facebook page for the success he has had, posting “Nearly at 200k Facebook likes! Boys Like You over a milli hits.. NUMBER 3 single, 360 vs Kerser hits on YouTube like mad.. Platinum single, albums a bees dick from going platinum. I am so stoked with everything right now. Got an amazing family. A girl I wanna spend the rest of my life with and THE BEST FUCKIN FANS IN THE UNIVERSE. I love u all. Thank you universe.”

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