Urthboy Speaks Out About Sexual Assault At His Gigs After One Punter Was Groped

Aussie MC Urthboy has followed Luca Brasi, calling out sexual assault at his gigs and promoting safe environments for everyone at concerts.

Yesterday, he release a moving video for Little Girl’s Dad as a tribute to his 3 year-old daughter Jetta. Unfortunately, that’s the same song he was performing when a fan was groped at one of his shows.

He’s penned an open letter to fans (via Fasterlouder), speaking about what happened to a female fan at one of his shows in Hobart after she wrote to him letting him know what had occurred. After the incident, the girl told a security guard who was later seen “laughing” with the offender and also confided in her friend who was sympathetic but “cracked a joke about it showing that the guy liked her.”

“The sentiment of the song was not lost on her and I wrote back to her saying that I’d be more explicit about doing what I could from stage to prevent that harassment. It’s sexual assault,” Urthboy writes.

It happened back in June and since then Urthboy has preceded each performance by telling the crowd he wants his gigs to be, “the kind of place that my daughter would feel safe at.”

“There were some gigs I almost barked at men in the crowd to join me in making sure that the venue was a harassment free zone. I wondered if I went too far and turned some of them on me, but every night they’d yell in agreement,” he writes.

“Sexism runs so deep in our society,” he further says, admitting that the problem can’t simply be fixed on stage.

“It shouldn’t be about ‘somebody’s sister’, ‘somebody’s mother’, ‘somebody’s daughter’ – it should be about mutual respect, nothing more, nothing less,” he concludes with.

This comes just weeks after punk rockers Luca Brasi called out a “piece of shit male” who felt up punters at their Sydney gig.

Watch: Urthboy – Little Girl’s Dad

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