360 Stamps Out Apparent Death Rumour No One Knew About

It’s OK, 360 fans: you can now chill. Your famed hero has reported in that he has in fact not been shot, and that rumours of his demise had been greatly exaggerated by fellow rapper Anecdote. But chances are the rumours never even made it to you.

360 posted an odd status from his always-vocal Facebook profile. In the post, Sixty states: “so theres a rumour going around i got shot. street cred X 10000. thanks Anecdote” in an attempt to sooth the worries of his fretting fans all over the world, none of whom had any idea at all that a rumour existed that he had been shot.

Did Sixty essentially just high-5 himself? A little bit, yes.

There seems to be no evidence anywhere (not on Google, not on Twitter, nowhere!) of any rumours regarding Sixty being killed or shot. The only evidence so far is that the dude is hyping his own buzz. But hey, we aren’t complaining: we hope 360 remains bullet-free forever!

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