360 Posts, Swiftly Deletes, Brutal Rap About “Ugly Bitch” Hillary Clinton

Aussie hip-hop extraordinaire 360 has unleashed on Democratic US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a fiery new rap video.

But the revolutionary (geddit?) rapper must have had second thoughts about the brutal take-down he dealt the potential future POTUS, because he deleted the clip within an hour of posting it online.

Unfortunately for ’60, he wasn’t quick enough for the truth warriors at The Daily Mail, who managed to get a rip of the video and transcribe the searing 16 bars that the MC sprayed in the general direction of Hilldawgs and her controversial-the-say-the-least CV as Secretary of State:

“Yo, I’m sorry for interrupting. I just wanted to say Hillary Clinton is so frigging lovely. No, that bitch is ugly.

I’m not talking about how she looks either. What I’m saying is she is disgusting.

Don’t get me wrong, as far as presidents, I’d love to see the women run it.

But her? Fuck that. I just wish another chick was running.

Clinton’s just a pimp for blood, a shifty fuck who isn’t funny. The devil in the flesh. She’d do anything if given money.

For 50 bucks she’d fill a village up with kids and mums – give every single one a kiss and hug – and tell them where they live is lovely.

The second that she sits above flying to a different country, she’ll flick a button and kill everyone in that city, trust me.”

He then ended the rap with some razor-sharp wordplay: “How can you kill the suffering if you actually kill the suffering?”

360 performed his controversial rap sporting a balaclava, apparently explaining to his 151K Insty followers that “From now on if I wear this balaclava it means I’m going to rap the really real shit. That shit that that (sic) will have me debating whether to release it or not etc.”

Pedestrian.TV reckons the video was removed after a user asked 360, real name Matt Colwell, if the rapper was using drugs again.

Colwell – who’s been incredibly open about his struggles with addiction and depression – apparently responded by asking what made it seem like he was using in the first place (totally fair).

Check out the semi-deleted video via The Daily Mail, below.

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