7000 Belgian Punters Have Asked For Refunds For AC/DC Concert With Axl Rose

Somewhere in the world, former-AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson must be laughing.

A whopping 7000 Belgian fans have reportedly requested a refund for their tickets to see AC/DC play since Guns ‘N Roses singer Axl Rose was announced as the touring frontman for the band’s remaining tour dates.

A number of ticketing companies in Europe anticipated this, but maybe not on this scale. 6000 tickets to the show at Werchter Festivalpark in Belgium have now gone back on sale to the general public, with another 1000 going to those people who were previously on the waiting list for the event.

This show is one of twelve European dates AC/DC will perform with Axl Rose, who was announced as singer after Brian Johnson quit the band on doctor’s orders to avoid going deaf.

The news of Axl Rose fronting the band has not been taken well by all fans, with fan site AC/DC Italia shutting down in protest and AC/DC biographer Jesse Fink calling it “the worst decision AC/DC has ever made.”

As far as we know, Rose’s appointment is only temporary at this stage. Other musicians that have auditioned and put their hands up for the role include Aussie Nic Cester of JET, Pelle Almqvist of Sweden’s The Hives and ex-SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach.

Fan footage emerged recently of Rose rehearsing with Acca Dacca, and tbh, it sounds freaken HUGE. Hear it below.

Listen: AC/DC with Axl Rose rehears Thunderstruck

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