A Day To Remember Enter Studio With New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert

NFG‘s Chad Gilbert really is the man everyone is after. Having taken vox duties recently with Shai Hulud, it has now been revealed that the well-known axe man turned studio dweller will be at the helm for the much-talked-about new A Day to Remember album.

Rumours about this team-up were circling for a while, but it was confirmed after Gilbert posted a video of himself with the ADTR boys in a bit of a face-slapping circle (which you can watch here). Common Courtesy, as their release is to be called, was announced by the band earlier this year. The release will be the older brother to the Soundwave alumni’s previous release What Separates Me From You and is but another chapter in the band’s rapid rise to the top.

Details on the release are scarce; you can imagine just how many people out there will be trying to get their hands on recordings before they should. But with Gilbert – who is also manning his solo project What’s Eating Gilbert – at the helm, we can rest easy.

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