New Found Glory Are Doing An In-Store Signing For Their Aussie Fans

Sick news New Found Glory fans! The band have just announced a brand new event on their forthcoming Aussie tour itinerary.

They’ll be getting up-close-and-personal with fans for an in-store signing at Sydney’s Utopia Records in the midst of their ’20 Years Of Pop Punk’ dates.

It’s going down at the underground heavy music stalwart on Kent street from 5pm before the dudes’ show at The Metro this Friday, 11th August.

“Thanks to the utterly wonderful people at UNFD top shelf blokes and Soundwave Festival 2009 giants New Found Glory are poppin in for a quick almost secret until now guerrilla signing before their The Metro Theatre show this coming Friday,” Utopia wrote on Facebook by way of the big announcement.

“They have let us know they will sign just about anything,… CDs, LPs, Soccer Trophies, Babies foreheads, you name it!!!

Please be here around 5 pm to avoid disappointment and an array of sadness.”

Well, you heard ’em.

Check out the details below or catch NFG’s full list of Aussie tour dates here.

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