A New Dashboard Confessional Album Is In The Works

They haven’t released an album since 2009’s Alter The Ending, but now American emo and acoustic rock outfit Dashboard Confessional have confirmed a new record is on its way.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly recently, Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba said the band are keen to record another full-length effort, saying, “It really feels like we’re eager to write, which means there’s probably a new record coming out. Who am I kidding? There’s a new record coming.”

What’s more, Carrabba said the group’s current co-headlining tour with Third Eye Blind has helped him realise that a new album is the band’s next step. “This tour has led us to say, ‘All we want to do is tour,’” Carrabba said. “The next stop comes [new music].”

When asked about whether or not there needed to be another Dashbaord Confessional album, Carrabba said, “I need it like I need chocolate and beer. Like I need love and a skateboard and, I just need it.”

So what will the new material sound like? Carrabba has said he has no plans of changing the group’s “emo” sound. “We will sound like what we sound like,” he said. “With every record we like to take a step forward. We just make a step forward. You make a record off what you learn on the last tour.”

As for a timeline of the album’s creation and release, Carrabba said he’s wasting no time getting started. “I imagine I’ll probably start writing any minute now. I don’t know when it starts to sound like, ‘This is what we want it to sound like,'” he said.

“For a 12-song record it can be as short as 10 days, or as long as three months, or as long as two years.”

Dashboard Confessional began as a solo project for Carrabba in 1999, but developed into a full band which later had success with the 2003 album, A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar. The band last toured Australia in 2012, with Carrabba touring the country with the folk project Twin Forks in late 2013.

In 2014, Carrabba announced that he was “slowly” bringing Dashboard Confessional back and was “excited” about its future.

In 2015, with the help of Taylor Swift and Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Carrabba sung Dashboard Confessional’s Hands Down at the birthday party of one of Swifty’s BFFs.

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