A Sydney Venue Is On The Lookout For A Thief That Stole Their Tip Jar Last Weekend

The Lord Gladstone in Sydney hosted a packed-out party for the Purple Sneakers 10th Anniversary on the weekend and someone took the opportunity to snatch the tip jar from the bar, but it seems they chose the wrong venue to steal from.

The owner caught the thief on camera and the venue has uploaded that CCTV footage to their Facebook page in the hope that someone will find the guy who did it.

“Not many of you will know this, but in the midst of the celebrations last Saturday night for Purple Sneakers 10th birthday, some low-life stole our bartenders tip jar,” they wrote on the page.

“If you are or know this bloke, we’re asking you to name and shame. It’s not about recouping the cash, we reimbursed the staff what they thought was in the jar ($250). It’s about this drop-kick being found out and hopefully being man enough to come apologise to our team, for what we are willing to deem as a stupid, spur of the moment lack in judgement.”

The video has been uploaded so if anyone recognises the guy they can dob him in, but it comes complete with a pretty excellent narration by the owner of the place in which he calls the guy “a fucking mongrel”.

The post is getting plenty of attention but by the looks of it they still haven’t been able to identify the thief. Photographers who took snaps on the night are searching through their galleries to see if they can find a clearer picture of the man, so surely it won’t be long before he’s tracked down.

Watch the video below and see if you can recognise the guy. As The Lord Gladstone said, “do your thing internet”.

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