A Tale Of Two Queensrÿches

As Music Feeds reported back in April, there have been two bands named Queensrÿche for some time, but it’s only now that the situation has become official with court recently making the unusual ruling that both parties involved in the case have rights to the name and may continue operating as “Queensrÿche” for the time being.

One Queensrÿche is fronted by the band’s most recent singer Todd La Torre and the second by former lead singer Geoff Tate. Best known for their 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime, the progressive metal outfit splintered last year after long-running tensions came to a head in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Seattle Times reports that the confrontation between singer Tate, drummer Scott Rockenfield, guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson was over the band firing Tate’s wife as their manager and his step-daughter as fan club president.

The Times reported that “Tate allegedly overturned Rockenfield’s drum kit, spat at him and tried to throw a punch.” The clearly toxic relationship between band members led to a proposed buying-out of Tate’s share of the band in July 2012 but Tate refused to participate. The remaining band members continued with new singer La Torre as Queensrÿche. A lawsuit filed later that month by Tate and his wife citing “illegal termination” pressured the court to prevent the band from using the name.

But in July the motion was denied by the court, ruling that both parties could use the Queensrÿche name as well as the trademark “Tri-Rÿche” logo. The two Queensrÿches now have new lineups, new albums, and maintain separate Facebook pages and websites. Both bands will also be touring under the same name until a final verdict is reached on 18th November. That verdict will determine who the rightful owner of the band name is from then on.

“It’s kind of like a divorce,” Rockenfield told The Seattle Times. “We’re going through a long relationship, and now it’s gotten to the point where the divorce needs to happen.” Looks like it’s time for Queensrÿche’s many, many children to start picking sides.

(Via Under The Gun Review)

Watch: Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime

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