The ABC Tracked Down The Woman From The ‘Rage’ Scream & Made Her Do It Again

The ruthless folks over at the ABC have tracked down the woman who screamed the original intro for its beloved music programme Rage, and they’ve made her give it another go.

American-born former actress and singer Deni Gordon, who you might recognise from The Matrix (a priestess of the Oracle) and Heartbreak High (teacher Ronnie Brooks), has given her latest Rage scream an almighty Rage-Till-You-Puke effort, and you can watch video evidence of it down below.

Gordon was paid just $40 for recording the original Rage scream, which works out to be less than one cent for each time it’s been broadcast.

“It took all of about a minute, no wonder they only paid me 40 bucks,” Gordon says.

“They just asked me to ‘Rage-Rage-Rage’ all over the place, and then said, ‘Thanks, see ya.’ Never knowing that music videos would become what they became.

“I thought it was just forgotten. Why would anyone mention it? No one’s ever said, ‘Thanks for Rage.'”

Gordon left show business seven years ago following a back injury, but her iconic Rage scream will be in our collective memory for decades to come.

Meanwhile, Rage just celebrated its 30th birthday by dropping a huge compilation album featuring a stack of its favourite songs.

Watch Deni Gordon’s new RRRRAAAAGGGGEEEE scream alongside the original, below.

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