Some Absolute Legend Turned These Classic Songs Into Powerpoint Slides

Most of us will remember a time when Microsoft Powerpoint was the premier program for presenting information to a room full of people.

While advances in technology have since made Powerpoint all-but obsolete (save for a recent rise back into the internet consciousness for the sake of memes), viewing slides from the program brings back a deep-seated nostalgia for that simpler time.

Yearn no longer people, because some legend has created a website called Music Power Point Remix, using graphs and charts on Powerpoint slides to re-interpret a number of well-known songs from the past few decades.

From Beyoncé to The Beatles, the site explains a number of songs in ways you may have never envisaged, as The Music points out.

The site was linked to reddit earlier today, but the identity of its creator remains a mystery.

Check out some of the best slides below, and for the full range head to the website.

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