AC/DC And Axl Rose Make First Public Appearance Together In Hilariously Awkward Video

AC/DC have staged their first public sit-down with ring-in frontman Axl Rose in a new video promoting their upcoming show in Lisbon.

The short clip features Axl, Angus Young and bass player Cliff Williams chilling in their rehearsal studio (backed by an absolute Great Wall Of Marshall Amps, no less) making an attempt to gee up Portugese fans for the first rescheduled date of their Rock Or Bust world tour.

And TBH the whole thing is inadvertently hilarious.

Not only is it awkward AF watching these three over-50’s try to feign maximum levels of turntness, it’ll make you realise the gaping generational divide between Acca Dacca and the Gunners frontman, who looks like a deadset spring chicken compared to Grandpa Angus (who someone probably needs to teach how to pronounce the word “Portugal”, just FYI).

It’s tempting to wonder whether or not this clip represents a fairly lazy attempt to stop their Lisbon fans cashing in their refunds for the now Brain Johnson-less performance like 7,000 of their Belgian counterparts did earlier this week.

But still, don’t let the cringeworthy video fool you. Our money’s on the whole Axl-Dacca combo being surprisingly mind-blowing. And if you’re still skeptical, just take a listen to this huge audio from one of their recent rehearsals.

Update 6/5/2015: Axl Rose says it was his idea to replace Brian Johnson, full article here.

But just make sure you check out the below video first so you don’t end the night on a low note.

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