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AC/DC could be about to confirm new album and world tour with Brian Johnson

Speculation about new music from Aussie icons AC/DC has been rife for a good chunk of the last year, and now it sounds like a new record might be just around the corner.

Not only that, the band could be set to announce a world tour, with singer Brian Johnson to return to centre stage.

As Blabbermouth points out, Kansas rock station V100 is reporting the band is ready to announce a 2019-20 world tour this coming Wednesday (July 17).

“Obviously, we’re talking about the music biz here, [so] things could change. But, right now that’s what we’ve been told,” announced the radio station on its website.

Brian Johnson was replaced during the band’s last tour in 2016 due to hearing loss, with Axl Rose filling in.

In January, Johnson was reported to be back working with the band on a new album.

But now a source from the AC/DC camp tells V100 that Johnson will return to the stage with a special device to prevent further hearing loss.

“It’s been rumored for months now that he’s been working with the band and we’ve been told those rumors are true,” said V100.

“Brian has been working special in-ears made for his performances so that he can continue to perform without causing any more damage to his hearing than he already has.”

Further reports suggest that an accompanying album will feature music recorded by band co-founder Malcolm Young before he passed away in 2017.

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