Adam Lambert: ‘I’ll Wear A Helmet On Stage’ Singing For Queen

Queen’s new frontman Adam Lambert has joked saying he may wear a helmet for protection from bottling at Sonisphere.

During an interview with NME, the journalist explained what bottling was as Lambert was unfamiliar with the term, “It’s when metal fans don’t like you and they throw bottles filled with urine at the stage”.

To which Lambert replied:

Oh great! Well I’ll be sure to wear something that protects my helmet. I wear a helmet on stage, maybe that would be a good fashion statement.

Lambert was also asked how he responds to people who think the Queen legacy should be left alone:

That’s really up to Brian and Roger, it’s their band. I think that at this point they feel what they’re doing is appropriate and it’s their prerogative. If someone feels like their legacy should be left alone then they’re missing out on a great concert, that’s the bottom line, the guys write great music and they’re playing it for fans that still wanna hear it. It’s their band! It’s their business.

What are your thoughts on Adam Lambert singing for Queen? Music Feeds reporter Michael Carr wasn’t pleased by the announcement; you can read his opinion here.

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