Adorable Children Cover Slipknot’s ‘Duality’, Destroy A House & All Of Our Expectations

Nothing restores our collective faith in the future of humanity like watching kids do metal good.

And if the latest video from The O’Keefe Music Foundation is anything to go by, then the future is bright people.

And by “bright” of course, we mean dark and brutal and filled with hatred.

The not-for-profit school of rock has been doing a great job in inspiring young’ns to get creative with some of metal’s best music, from Tool to Iron Maiden, and now they’ve tried their tiny little munchkin hands at Slipknot favourite, Duality.

And the tots haven’t just gone and covered the song, they’ve also recreated the entire bloody original music video!

Behold as these adorable primary-schoolers defy their mum’s “do your homework” orders by thrashing on star-spangled kiddy drum kits and xylophones, rocking out with a bunch of sweaty tatted-up metal dudes and absolutely annihilating their entire gosh-darn house.

Add to that, the childlike female lead vocal also takes the song to a whole other level of creepy-cool.

Spoiler alert: the whole thing is freaking awesome.

Our expectations have been shattered, just like every piece of glass in these young whipper-snappers’ house.

Do yourself a solid and check it out below.


Watch: Duality By Slipknot / O’Keefe Music Foundation

Watch: Slipknot – Duality

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