All Your Air-Drumming Dreams Are Coming True

If you fancy yourself as an old-school Dave Grohl or a maths-obsessed Danny Carey from Tool while you bust out the air drums in your bedroom or car, this new technology might be a god-send.

Those savvy computer scientists have brought us Aerodrums, a virtual drum kit which combines with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to allow you to play drums virtually, by simply waving your hands and drumsticks around (in the right places, of course). Now you can air drum and learn the proper technique at the same time!

Aerodrums product developer Richard Lee said of his creation, “My personal inspiration for developing this was – when I was young, I played drums, and had problems with the neighbours… With this, I can play in the middle of the night and won’t disturb anybody!”

“When you put on the virtual reality headset, you can actually see the drums right in front of you.” Get on it, you hopeful rhythm sections out there.

Of course, this technology is not the first of its kind. There’ve been plenty of other exciting air-drumming advancements over the past few years, including the Aussie-based brainwave AirSticks.

But Aerodrums are the latest creation in the field of pissed-off-neighbour-prevention.

Watch them in action below.

Watch: Aerodrums in action

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