Phil Collins Speaks On Declining Health, Says He Can “Barely Hold” A Drum Stick

Phil Collins has spoken on his declining health, saying due to current issues, he can “barely hold” a drum stick anymore. These same health issues have also forced Collins to sit whilst singing during performances.

A rare conversation with the musician aired on Thursday, 9th September, with BBC Breakfast, where he revealed the news surrounding his health. He spoke on his frustration at the new challenges he’s facing.

Collins and the rest of the members of 70’s prog-rock band Genesis appeared on the program to talk about the band’s upcoming UK reunion tour.

“I can barely hold a [drum] stick with this hand, so there are certain physical things which get in the way,” Collins said.

In lieu of him not being able to play the drums, Collins’ son Nic Collins, will be taking his place on the tour.

“I’m kind of physically challenged a bit, which is very frustrating because I’d love to be playing up there with my son,” Collins said.

Collins announced his return to touring back in 2015, just after he underwent major back surgery. After the surgery, his doctor urged him to take his time getting back on the kit. “He said to me, ‘If you want to play drums again, all you have to do is practice.’”

The surgery, which was his second on his back, left him with damaged nerves.

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