Alanis Morrisette, Jimmy Fallon & Meghan Trainor Covered ‘Ironic’ As Chickens, For Some Reason

It’s been two decades since Alanis Morrisette released her iconic record Jagged Little Pill so it’s probably about time it had an update and what better way to do it than with the sound of humans making chicken noises.

Morrisette, Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon all came together on the latter’s show as a chicken-impersonating band called Jagged Little Chicks and took on Ironic. Look, as ridiculous as it is, they did a good job… if we’re judging them as if they are chickens.

Dressed head to toe as chickens, they replaced every word for “clucks” and while we will probably never be able to explain why, it’s hard to look away.

Considering Morrisette is performing her biggest hit in a chicken suit she’s a very good sport about it and even manages to go up an octave for her clucks in the final chorus.

Watch for yourself below and decide whether Jagged Little Chicks have a future as one of the world’s most bizarre Alanis Morrisette cover bands.

Watch: Jimmy Fallon, Alanis Morissette & Meghan Trainor Cluck Ironic

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