Watch Meghan Trainor Epically Stack It On ‘Fallon’

Get ready for a #schadenfreudegasm courtesy of Meghan Trainor.

The All About That Bass singer fell flat on her face during a recent performance on Fallon, pulling off a wipeout worthy of Fail Blog.

The architects of her doom were undoubtedly her high heels, which apparently refused to cooperate as she attempted to pull off a climactic pivot at the end of the song. Instead Trainor slipped, attempted to clutch the mic stand for support but was ultimately dragged down by the merciless hand of gravity and Ate. Shit.

But to her credit, the singer handled it pretty well, laying in the starfish position to prolong the moment, while Fallon himself even put in a show of moral support by getting down there with her.

If anything, it ticks up a few more ‘realness’ points for Trainor, who recently yanked her own music video because it had been photoshopped the fuck out of.

But look, laughing at successful people royally stacking it is one of life’s rare pleasures. So don’t feel bad about having an innocent LOL at Meghan Trainor’s expense.

We’ve all been there.

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