Alex Lahey Needs Your Help To Get Tinder User Matt ‘Lahey’d’

Alex Lahey is using her rising fame to better the world, one Tinder user at a time.

As The Music points out, Lahey has offered to assist a 24-year-old Tinder user named Matt have a great first date, after he caught Lahey’s attention by putting lyrics from her song You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me in his Tinder bio.

Matt’s profile contains the lyric, “All I want is to have cleanskin wine and watch ‘Mulholland Drive’ with you,” and Lahey has posted a screenshot of it to her Facebook page (below), saying, “Hope that bio is working out a treat for you, Matt.”

In the comments below her post, Lahey later posted, “Hey Matt – drop me a line and I’ll make sure you and your Tinder date are on the door for my next Melb show on 8 Oct. Ur grl Al has got your back.”

Lahey tells Music Feeds that she is “still trying to #FindMatt”, and is yet to hear from him or his mates. So, if you know Matt, or if you are Matt, send Lahey a cheeky DM.

If you’re not Matt or Matt’s mate, check out Lahey’s video for her quotable tune You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me, below.

Watch: Alex Lahey – ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’

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