Ali Barter Partners With Gift Box To Help Homeless Women Access Sanitary Care

Ali Barter is gearing up for a massive national tour later this month, and now she’s announced that she’s going to be undertaking a new charity endeavour to help homeless Australian women.

46,000 homeless women struggle to gain access to basic sanitary care each month, and Barter has teamed up with Saskia Hamplele who founded Gift Box and the start-up’s ‘Help A Sister Out’ program.

Gift Box sells organic tampons in a world first one-for-one solution where a tampon is donated to a woman in need each time one is sold.

“We all get our damn periods so I love that if I buy a box of tampons from Gift Box Organic, it means someone more in need than me gets one too,” says Barter of the partnership. “It’s important that all women have access to sanitary care, and tampons are, for many, non-negotiable.”

Barter has launched a commemorative tea towel to be sold at her upcoming One Foot In Tour, the proceeds from which will help fund the donation aspect of the ‘Help A Sister Out’ program.

The towels have been designed by Aussie artists Lily Gloria, who also featured in Barter’s A Suitable Girl zine.

Donations to the program can be made here even if you’re not looking to purchase a sanitary product.

You can also check out the full dates and details for Ali Barter’s forthcoming national tour here.

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