Alice Cooper Reckons It’s Impossible To Shock Anyone Onstage Now Because Real Life Is More Shocking

In the ’70s Alice Cooper was one of the most shocking live performers around earning a nickname as ‘The Godfather Of Shock Rock’ but he now thinks it’s near impossible for anybody to be shocking on stage.

The man who once threw a live chicken into the audience believes that real life events are so horrid nowadays that there’s nothing he could do onstage to match it.

“I don’t honestly believe that a rock band can shock an audience anymore,” Cooper told WA Today.

“With ISIS, with people shooting cops, with cops shooting blacks – now CNN is so much more shocking than Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper.”

Despite the fact that Cooper went to great lengths to shock crowds in the ’70s like by decapitating baby dolls he thinks it was pretty easy to shock because everyone was more “wholesome”.

The ’00s have been rich with shocking performers. Lady Gaga performed while someone vomited on her, Miley Cyrus gyrated a middle-aged man with a giant hand on TV and Kanye has done, well, a lot.

Still, Cooper thinks that’s nothing compared to what’s going on on the internet and in real life.

“Now, with the Internet, it’s literally impossible to shock an audience,” he said.

“I mean, somebody just killed 50 people in a gay bar. That shocks me.”

Something that is rather shocking, Cooper has launched a campaign to be elected both Prime Minister of the UK and President of the USA with the slogan, “A troubled man for troubled times.”

Watch: Alice Cooper – Poison

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