Alison Wonderland Responds To Deadmau5′ Acrostic Poem On Twitter

There’s no doubting that Deadmau5 has made some pretty incredible music over the years, but in the time that’s passed since he was at his height of popularity – he’s become better known for getting super bored on Twitter.

In recent times he’s had feuds with Kanye West, Skrillex, and Diplo – but last week he took a different tact and started making light-hearted acrostic acronym poems out of the names of prominent artists in the industry.

His anagram about local muso Alison Wonderland went something like this; “Another lame ingrate singing on NOTHING. Will obviously need deaf engineers record. Lol. And nobody dances”.

Wonderland has today hit back, firstly announcing that she was honoured to be included, before joining in on the banter – and writing her own poem about Deadmau5 that was pretty on point. “Deadbeat emotional abusive doofus missing attendion, using 5oapbox”.

At least in this instance Deadmau5 was taking the piss out of himself as well, but we think Alison’s acrostic tops his by a fair way. Check out some of his other acronyms below.

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