All-American Rejects Singer Faces Lawsuit

Frontman for American Rock Band The All-American Rejects, Tyson Ritter, will be taken to court after an incident at Vans Warped Tour in 2010, where he threw a canned energy drink in to a crowd, and hit a fan on the head.

According to the Mercury News, Nina Kooroshfar was hit after the drink was tossed from the stage by the lead singer and struck her on the head, causing her to receive a laceration that needed 12 stiches and left a permanent scar. The drinks were thrown into the crowd as a part of a promotion by Monster Beverage Co. and Hansen Natural Corp., who had instructed Ritter to toss the drinks into the crowd.

The suit states that Kooroshfar “did not reasonably expect the large drink to be thrown at her at the time and could not avoid being hit by the can thrown by Ritter,” and should go against the festivals due care policy. It asks for unspecified general and punitive damages for negligence, assault and battery. She will also be suing Monster Beverage Co., the producer of the Warped tour and Live Nation, which owns Shoreline.

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