All-American Rejects Smash iPads And Hit Photographers In Cleveland

The All-American Rejects have ruffled a few feathers with some wild and bizzare antics at their recent show in Cleveland, USA.

Footage of frontman Tyson Ritter taking a fan’s iPad and smashing it on stage has emerged on YouTube.

Ritter says to the fan:  “Give me your iPad and I’ll make it look cool”, before throwing it screen-first onto the ground.

Ritter then apologises, saying, “Sorry man, I’ll buy you a new iPad.”  Alternative Press has reported that Ritter gave the fan $1000 after the show.  Watch the video here:

Here’s another video – closer to the action:

On top of that, guitarist Mike Kennerty allegedly hit local photographer Jimmy Davis, which led to a backstage apology from Kennerty after the show.

Davis revealed the situation in an interview with a local Cleveland radio station – Q104:

“I had no problems all the way through the show until about the sixth or seventh song…next thing I know I’m getting hit by the guitarist Mike in the face while shooting a picture of him.

“I’ve never been touched by an artist before so I was kind of really in shock at that point.’

“I called the Universal Music Group (their record label) contact I had and then I also called the tour manager who immediately came and got me and whisked me backstage.”

“That’s where Mike came out…he apologized a bunch of times.'”

Ritter formally apologized to the crowd on his Twitter account the next day:

@tysonritter “Well, I apologize to Cleveland for being such a lunatic last night, sometimes I gets a bit out of control.. Good times though!”

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