All Hope Is Not Lost For Silverchair, Says Drummer

While comfortably cruising atop a wave of success kicked up from his recent musical endeavours, Ben Gillies, performing under the guise of Bento, has spoken to Triple M about his previous project that started when he was just 12 years of age – the now defunct Silverchair. But according to Gillies, it might not be as defunct as once thought.

After two decades of success as a unit, Silverchair parted ways in 2011. Cries from fans all over the world were heard at the loss of one of the most beloved and talent bands in the past 20 years, but as Gillies explains, it’s not necessarily all over. “We’re on an indefinite break. We haven’t wrapped anything up,” he commented. “If we feel ready or when we feel ready then we’ll get back into it.”

Fans can now breathe a collective sigh of relief at the thought that in the future there could be another Silverchair album, or even tour. Or why not both?

Bento, on the other hand, has begun to pick up some serious momentum. The band’s debut full-length Diamond Days sees Gillies removed from behind the kit, and placed right up front on vocal duties – a super effective move as you can probably tell with the band’s first single and title track being totally wicked cool.

Says Gillies of the new project: “It’s an album of self-discovery, of finding myself…I’ve always written songs, and over the years I’ve kept a log of every idea. It’s exciting to finally see some of these ideas fully realised,”

There’s some food for thought for you this evening: a new Silverchair; what would it be like? Should it even be risked?

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