Allday’s New Cooking Show Features Broccoli, Vegan Cheese & An Alien

Tom Gaynor wears a lot of hats. Though he’s best known for the groundbreaking Aussie hip hop he makes under the name Allday, he used to moonlight as a comedian and, as it happens, is also a deft hand in the kitchen.

Two of these three skills are highlighted in his multi-part YouTube cooking series, a bizarre show in which Gaynor deadpans his way through amusing, if often impractical, lessons in cuisine.

The most recent serving of the show features Gaynor revealing his somewhat bizarre recipe for mac and cheese. It’s similar in tone to the show’s previous episode — a how to cook tacos guide notable for the odd ingredients selected.

Gaynor’s mac and cheese similarly boasts a colourful array of ingredients, ranging from cashews to broccoli, and uh, certainly ends up looking interesting — if not actually appetising. Not even Gaynor seems convinced by the nutritional value of the dish given that immediately after putting it in his mouth, he makes this face:

Image: Youtube

Nonetheless, the episode is deeply entertaining, featuring as it does a surprise green, out-of-this-world guest at the end and a top secret reveal on how Gaynor gets his rapping powers. What’s more, Gaynor says there’ll be a “new episode every Wednesday… probably”.

Speaking of rapping powers, if you’re on an Allday kick, why not also take the time to check out the new single the ever-busy artist dropped today?

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