Allstar Musos Create A Mixtape Of Their Lives In New Podcast Series From Triple J Short.Fast.Loud’s Josh Merriel

Ya boi Josh Merriel AKA Joshua Redbeard, whose soothing vocal tones you may remember from such weekly punk and hardcore radio shows as triple j‘s, has just launched a brand new podcast series based around a very simple, very cool concept.

My Mixtape With Joshua Redbeard features the punk radio host going toe-to-toe with all kinds of allstar guests from across the creative spectrum (musicians, actors, comedians, TV personalities & more) to compile an old school Mixtape of songs that played a big part in shaping each of their lives.

The podcast will not only come packing a playlist of tunes curated by each guest, but also plenty of chatter, as Redbeard delves into the personal meaning behind each guest’s musical choices.

“My intention is to run the absolute gamut of genres both for guests and for the Mixtapes themselves, in the pitch I send to artists I specifically say there are no rules, if people want to make me a mixtape of their favourite songs from musicals, I’m down. Let’s go with it.” says Josh.

He adds: “Of the episodes I’ve done so far, a few have taken it in some interesting directions and have made for some of the best episodes to date. My goal list is very long, and there are some REALLY impossible names on there, but I’m going to keep going and just see where this takes me.”

Episode #1 puts the life of superstar drummer Ben Ellingworth in the spotlight. For those who don’t recognise his name, Ellingworth full-times for Aussie hip-hop artist Illy and has a CV that also includes work with the likes of Pop Will Eat Itself, Peking Duk, Carmada, LO!, MM9, and Switchkicker.

And Ellingworth’s diverse musical resume is also reflected in his Mixtape, with tunes from everyone from Bjork to Napalm Death to DJ Shadow to Death Grips making the cut.

New eps of My Mixtape will be released fortnightly and you can find them RIGHT HERE.

Otherwise, check out Ben Ellingworth’s full Mixtape playlist below.


Strapping Young Lad – Oh My Fucking God

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

Living Colour – Time’s Up

Tony Williams – Birdlike

Napalm Death – Dead

Godlesh – Christbait Rising

Mr. Bungle – Goodbye Sober Day

Bjork – Play Dead

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World

Meshuggah – Future Breed Machine

The Prodigy – Voodoo People

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

Pendulum – Tarantula

Roni Size – Don’t Hold Back

Onyx – Raze It Up

Refused – Deadly Rhythm

Deftones – Digital Bath

Death Grips – Spikes

Ecca Vandal – Cassettes, Lies, And Videotapes

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