American Rapper Claims The Naked and Famous’ ‘Young Blood’ As His Own

It seems now that every week there is a dispute between bands. However, this time round there is some actual substance to the feud. Machine Gun Kelly, an American rapper who is currently gaining rapid support from the underground American rap scene, has been pulled up by New Zealand indie-pop group The Naked And Famous, who recently toured for Future Music Festival, for using their track Young Blood.

Although the mixtape that the MGK track was on is free and there shouldn’t be any royalty disputes, the rapper claimed that he wrote the song, saying that “I wrote this song after this crazy night on tour in Tempe, Arizona where we almost got arrested and ate by coyotes while we were drinking on a mountain we weren’t supposed to be on, raged at a bunch of college parties we weren’t invited to, and ran around in our boxers off this big rock into a hotel pool at 5 a.m.,”.

In response to this, the band posted a status on Facebook making the justified claim, “This guy… – This ‘artist’ has never once thanked, acknowledged or even asked our permission to use Young Blood. He states: “I wrote this song…”.

The band are not fussed that the song has been sampled, but clearly when the American claimed that he wrote the song it hit a bad chord with the band. The mixtape ‘Rage Pack’ also features artists like Daft Punk and Adele.

In his statement about the track, Machine Gun Kelly not only shows his intellectual charisma, but claims all praise for the track and in no way has he thanked the indie group. Listen to the track below and compare it to the original.

We eagerly await his response.

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