Amsterdam’s Night Mayor Is Coming To School Sydney On How To Fix Its Nightlife

It’s no secret that Sydney has basically become the Jar Jar Binx of global cities.

An insufferable asshole who seems to think he’s really cool and fun – and maybe some kids actually like him – but in reality, he’s single-handedly made us hate what used to be an amazing franchise.


Ever since the NSW liberal government introduced the lockout laws, Sydney’s nightlife has gone to shit. This we know.*

But help is at hand. Because Amsterdam’s Night Mayor (yes, Amsterdam has a Night Mayor – one of the many measures that anti-lockouts movement Keep Sydney Open has recommended to the State Gov to institute in place of the catastrophic lockouts to make the streets safer while maintaining the city’s vibrancy) is coming Down Under to school the NSW cap on how to un-fuck its nightlife and ailing global image.

Mirik Milan will touch down on our shores this November to deliver a keynote speech at the 5th annual Electronic Music Conference, which is returning for its biggest year yet.

The Night Mayor of Amsterdam since 2012, Milan and his NFP foundation have helped to ensure a dynamic yet safe nightlife in the world’s most notoriously loose city, and he’s coming here to chat about how similar policies could work to improve Sydney.

Not just by eradicating the lockouts, but by building bridges between business owners, the city council, the mayor, residents and the public to create a 24 hour economy, flourishing culture and a pleasant and safe environment for everyone.

“We believe Milan’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in our own city’s pursuit of a vibrant and safe nightlife. Amsterdam has shown us and the rest of the world that it is possible to achieve this,” said EMC Programmer Erin Flanagan.

EMC 2016 returns to Sydney’s The ivy Complex from November 28th – December 2nd for a week of keynotes, interactive sessions, Q&As, panels, workshops, master classes, showcases, parties and more, celebrating electronic music culture in the Asia Pacific region.

Hopefully the lockout laws will be eradicated by then anyway, with a government review into their viability due to hand down its official findings next month.

But if not… anyone for a Kickstarter campaign to get #CasinoMike tickets?

Early bird tix are on sale now, with the rest of the official list of speakers TBA.

Watch a clip from one of last year’s keynotes below.

*Foot traffic, jobs and businesses in the CBD and Kings Cross have plummeted at a more dramatic rate than assaults have, meaning that the government has statistically increased the chances of you getting attacked on the street during a night out by 15%, while decimating live music and late night culture in general and funnelling drinkers into ~certain~ gambling dens which are conveniently exempt from the lockouts.

Monday, 28th November – Friday, 2nd December

The Ivy Complex, Sydney

Tickets: EMC

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